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Our Vision

To establish a welcoming facility in our community which will allow for terminally ill people to receive the best palliative care in a home environment. It will provide support for people and families that are bereaved. All hospice services are offered free of charge through the generous support of our community.

Our Goal

The goal of Hospice Norwood is to build a two-bedroom facility that provides a homelike environment throughout the journey of illness, death and grief. It will help people who are dying have peace, comfort and dignity. It will support people of all ages in Asphodel-Norwood Township and surrounding areas.


Only 16% to 30% of all Canadians who die currently have access to or receive Hospice palliative and end-of-life care services

Canadian families frequently shoulder 25% of the total costs of palliative care due to costs associated with home based services such as nursing and personal care services

When asked, most poeple have indicated that they would prefer to die at home in the presence of loved ones, yet almost 70% of Canadian deaths occur in a hospital.

Hospice palliative care programs allow patients to gain more control over their lives, and manage pain and symptons more effectively.

How can YOU help?

Make a donation.

Support our special events.

Host an event to raise funds and community awareness.

Become a Hospice volunteer by working on the front line.

Encourage existing organizations, businesses and services clubs to donate and fundraise.

Simply share this exciting information about Hospice Norwood to other community members.

What is Hospice?

A community-based residential Hospice is different than care in a hospital.

A Hospice facility provides compassionate family-centred end-of-life care with expert medical attention, emotional comfort, spiritual support and pain management 24 hours a day by highly qualified health care professionals and trained volunteers at no cost.

The main objective of Hospice care is helping patients and family focus on what matters most.

For many, it will provide support to and relieve family and friends from caregiving to spending quality time with their loved one.

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For more information...

Phone: 705-660-3737

 or to make a donation please contact one of the Director Members:

 Doug Pearcy (705) 639-5510
 Laurie Inglis (705) 696-1183
 Brenda Webb (705) 639-5733
 Jan Darling (705) 639-1726
 Rose Millett (705) 639-2431
 Barb Waldron (705) 750-8696
 Rose Millett (705) 639-2431

Hospice Norwood

Hospice Norwood
4219 Hwy 7, Box 218
Norwood, Ontario
K0L 2V0
Phone: 705-660-3737

Hospice Norwood, 4219 Hwy 7, Box 218, Norwood, ON K0L 2V0 Phone: 705-660-3737

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